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Template :: Weapons

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1 Template :: Weapons on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:05 pm

Name of Weapon or Item:
Owner: Which character this weapon/item belongs to. (If you could link us to your character with URL tags, that'd be great.)
Location: Where this weapon/item is usually at on said character or where it should be if your character does not normally carry it with them.
Rank: E - S (Generally this will apply to non-normal weapons with several enhancements such as a spirit dwelling within it or so forth. E, D, C, B, A, or S, with S being the highest and E being the lowest.)

Description/Abilities: Describe what your weapon/item does and if it has an specific abilities that make it a unique weapon, please explain so here (and use the Jutsu Template if needed) At B rank and above this should have 150w or more.

Appearance: Briefly describe what your weapon/item looks like with at least a paragraph. A picture will suffice. (If its a big image, put it in spoiler tags and if it runs off the page just put in a link instead.) Optional, a picture will suffice most of the time, but a good description wouldn't hurt.

[b][u]Name of Weapon or Item[/u][/b]:



Puppet Template

Name: [The name of your puppet.]
Rank: [D-S]
Appearance: [Describe your puppet, in detail.]
Type: [Attack/Defense]
Master: [The Owner in a URL Link if possible]
Weapon Slots: [Puppets may only have 5 weapons max. Describe the location and capabilities of each weapon]
Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

History: [How you obtained the puppet, at least one paragraph (150 words).]


[b][u]Weapon Slots[/u][/b]:
[i][u]Slot 1[/u][/i]:
[i][u]Slot 2[/u][/i]:
[i][u]Slot 3[/u][/i]:
[i][u]Slot 4[/u][/i]:
[i][u]Slot 5[/u][/i]:


Poison Template

Name: [The name of the poison]
Rank: [The rank of the poison: E-S]
Appearance: [Describe the color, the state[Liquid/Solid or Gas] and any other aspects of the poison.]
Description: [Describe the effects of the poison by post count] (add more rounds in the same style if needed]

Infection Round:
Round One:
Round Two:


[i][b][u]Infection Round[/u][/b][/i]:
[i][u]Round One[/u][/i]:
[i][u]Round Two[/u][/i]:

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